What to expect when you POPin

Practicing the POPIn program provides you with physical and mental relief

  • you will find a different world around you after each practice
  • your pelvic discomfort will disappear,
  • you will enjoy sex again,
  • your partner will enjoy sex with you more,
  • your bladder won't send you confusing signals anymore,
  • after C-section you feel relief from inner adhesions ;
  • twinges in your lower back will disappear
  • you can get back to normal mothering
  • if your thyroids are under-active, you can expect improvement

shortly you will experience an energy renewal amidst the hectic bustle of everyday pressures.

Come and dive in!

 POPin Master Class  26 July 8pm-9:30pm

"Not leaking is priceless!"


=> learn techniques,

=>exercises in particular positions

=>movement correction


=> certain food choices

that will help preventing or reversing your POP (stage 1 or 2).

Don't wait till surgery is unavoidable!!!



"I started POPin 4 weeks ago in pain. I lived in constant pelvic pain. Visited doctors to doctors, they found only pelvic prolapse. I was exhausted. First I thought, fine, I learn the exercises and practice them alone, but it's easier said than done. Before running to an other medical appointment I decided to join the Hormone Club where I found a warm feminine circle to practice with. Initially I was advised to participate only the POPin classes. After 3 weeks I felt stronger, more energetic, I had more time without pain and could join the Booster classes as well. Now, despite of the springtime fatigue I feel my old self coming back. I feel upbeat and energetic again. It's time to celebrate!"

Martina from Brussels

"After 3 months of doing the POPin exercises, I reduced the dose of L-Thyroxine from 62,5 to 50. Before I started exercising 62,50 no longer seemed enough as TSH had raised to 3,84 and I was considering raising the dose) and now after a few weeks of exercising my TSH is 1.38 with 50 of L-Thyroxine. I'll keep exercising. It is a very good result for which I thank you!!!!"


Reviews from Our Community 


“My mom suffered from severe POP. I don't want to go down that road!!! I joined the Hormone Club membership for POPin classes as prevention and it's like a new fitness. Kata has a wealth of experience and amazing people skills. If the class schedule is not convenient for me I can always go for my membership site and follow recorded sessions. There are shorter, longer, anything. I really get my money's worth from my membership.”

- Amelie Rosemach, founding member of Endo-Gym Hormone Club


“Shortly after my POPin Foundation Training I changed my running style as I was taught on the session and felt an immediate relief down there. The exercises I keep practicing and my whole family is happier now."

- Rika Laas, founding member of Endo-Gym Hormone Club

“Since my last delivery with the twins I had to wear liners to catch the leak. The twins are 5, and now for the first time since delivery I could stand all day long without a liner. I also lost a bit of weight as I changed my eating style, but the recipes we receive in the Hormone Club are superb. No sacrifice! I will never stop, these exercises are marvellous. .”

- Mabel Vanbist, founding member of Endo-Gym Hormone Club)

Unlimited Practice Classes

and monthly personal follow up

the most economic way

in the Hormone Club