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  • unlimited supervised online classes to revitalise your Pelvic Hub;
  • answers to your most intimate, anonymous questions;
  • personal support with natural solutions;
  • access to recorded exercise routines,
  • free masterclasses for lymph stimulation, vagus nerve activation, boosters and POPin.


"My AMH increased from 1,37 to 2,01 since I've been a Hormone Clubber and following the Booster classes. I also love the recipes we get. It all changed my life for the best! I'm 39 and still want my first baby. This club gives me hope that I still can have a nice family."



"I feel so good after the classes, they never make me hungry and I started losing my afterbirth belly. I also want to treat my pelvic organs and avoid adhesions after C-section. When I need answer for my personal questions this is my first place to ask for answers."


The Booster Program

Which will enable your Pelvic Hub to perform on its max providing you with the flow of hormones you need right in this stage of life.

  • regulates cycle
  • alleviates symptoms of PCOS
  • boosts ovulation
  • helps to grow follicles
  • increases AMH
  • reverts early menopause
  • eases menopausal symptoms

Endo-Gym Hormone Club
Endo-Gym POPin

The POPin Program

It reinstalls your pelvic organs, pelvic floor, gives you core stability, revitalises your fascia and connective tissue around the organs, as well as the collagen in your Pelvic Hub and on your face.

  • your pelvic discomfort will disappear,
  • you will enjoy sex again,
  • your partner will enjoy sex with you more,
  • your bladder won't send you confusing signals anymore,
  • you won't repeat infections any longer;
  • twinges in your lower back will disappear
  • you can get back to normal mothering

We Are In This Together

You often feel bloated, your cycle is irregular, period starts with brown spotting, comes with cramps or doesn't come at all? Many clubbers feel similar when joining. Ask for special exercise routines for natural solution and practice together. Your symptoms will diminish.

In the club you can also exercise with women for higher libido, more lubrication and sexual pleasure; or stronger pelvic floor and better pelvic floor functions.

We've been there, we've seen it all and we found relief that you can, too, in the Hormone Club.

Endo-Gym Hormone Club

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