Endo-Gym Sex Hormone Booster

* Once a week 1hr Endo-Gym® under supervision;

* 5 times a week personalised, shorter Endo-Gym® routines;

*changed eating habits (recorded cooking sessions are available in the Club;

You can now receive the same support as the 251 women in the study:

In the Endo-Gym® Hormone Club for a democratic price. (instead of 43 for €37 for ever) you receive access to all these resources

  • Unlimited Endo-Gym® online classes;
  • Recorded shorter Endo-Gym® routines for your home practice;
  • Monthly personal follow up;

+1 VIP price on related publications, programs and events

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The Foundation Training gives you the basics:

Many movements, techniques and exercises we studied in relation to subfertility, P.C.O.S., early menopause, menopausal symptoms, and also for pelvic organ prolapse. On the Foundation Training you learn the ones that you need to focus on for your particular target area, and you learn to execute them in the right way. You may choose group sessions, which is obviously cheaper, or you may go for one-on-one. It takes 3 hrs normally. With one-on-one session we have more freedom to tailor the length for needs.

  • If you choose group sessions, no worries, the groups are small, you will get the necessary attention.
  • Platform to the group sessions is Zoom. To ensure security, you receive the password and link to the sessions in separate emails, and we use the waiting room feature, so only registered attendees can enter.
  • You receive digital visionary for the choreographies with drawings and pictures.
  • The payment you need to send electronically prior to the session.
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My life is back!

I am amazed with how everything fell in place after couple of weeks of practice. My periods are regular and my ovulation tests show positive. I had PCOS., now I'm symptomless.

Ann Kertes

"I connect to different parts of my body than with Yoga or Qui-Quong"

Ian Dirkx

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