aviva sex hormone boosting

do the Aviva exercises

in the right way

in the right time of the day and in the right time of your cycle - depending on your goal.

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1. May
immersion 9:30
advanced 10:30

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  • You refresh and correct the Aviva movements,
  • underline important nuances that deliver the results;
  • look at different ways of execution whether you want a baby, you want to eliminate symptoms of PCOS, regulate your periods, reverse early menopause or you are a man and want to increase level of vital sperm count or testosterone.
  • you will see how to exercise before, during and after ovulation when baby is the goal;
  • when and how to exercise if you are fighting PCOS, irregular periods or early menopause;
  • You receive a refined sugar- and gluten free cake with recipe
  • You receive a handout with visuals to support your home practices

You can bring your personal/professional questions and ask during the session out loud or anonymously in email prior to the session.


" A big thank you for hosting today's session! Explaining it all so well was priceless. Having done lot of yoga and qigong over the years these Aviva exercises felt like the perfect, concentrated version of them all. I.e. not one minute felt "wasted" and they all had a logic purpose which was felt in the body along with the correct breathing for the lymph. Very impressed. "



"I've learnt the Aviva exercises earlier and I used them with little success. I thought to give them one more chance, so enrolled to this session. Many movements I had to correct to be more efficient. Now for 3 month I've practised 2 days per week, and I got my period after 28 days every month!! Not like before 27 days then 22 days or 26....thanks!! kissessssssssssssssssssssssss"


HY training in Tallinn

How to enrol

You come? Wonderful! Please send me an email to book your spot: kata@endo-gym.com

The immersion for beginners start at 9:30am, the participation fee is €49.

The advanced course starts at 10:30, participation fee is €38 (for Hormone Club members €28);

  • Ask for a lift to the spot in Overijse if you don’t come by car: 04999 85091

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